Who's Metro Joe?
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So, you want to download the game? Well, that's easy. Just click on the following link. Simply extract the files from the zip folder and add them to any location on your hard drive. Then, when everything is in its proper place, just click on the file called "Metro.swf." You will need a Flash player to run the game. You can download a Flash player here (if you don't already have one).

Download Metro Joe

In case you were wondering, the zip folder* is a little over 24 megabytes. So, depending on the speed of your connection, you should have the game in no time (or lots of time)... Like we said, it all depends on the speed of your connection. Have fun!

* If you don't have a utility on your computer for decompressing zipped files, you can download a free, trial-version of Winzip here. Just follow the installation instructions and soon you'll be able to zip and unzip files with ease.